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Take the role of an 1863 medic officer in the field, performing new-found surgical techniques

Warning: Game includes extreme violence. Not recommended for ages under 17.
 Join General Walker, loyal follower of Abe Lincoln, for a Civil War adventure. Search original battlefields for clues and letters left by members of a secret society. These individuals hid millions of dollars in gold, cash, and coin. Scour 20 hidden object levels while advancing through time from the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861 to Lee`s surrender at Appotomattox in 1865. Cross rivers and grassy knolls to unearth Hidden Mysteries of the Civil War.

                            * Civil War battle locations.
                            * Personal stories from soldiers.
                            * Experience the grand finale
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    American civil war Gettysburg - Immerse yourself in the action in American Civil War: Gettysburg and experience the grandeur of detailed 3D battlegrounds inspired by such famous conflicts as Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge. Take command of both the Union and Confederate forces as they fight their way into the heart of the northern aggressor or hold fast against the rebel invaders. Out maneuver and out flank other armchair generals in intense multiplayer action and secure your place in the annals of history. Let the battle commence!  -- Download  American civil war Gettysburg game  now and start playing right away! -- 
Dark Cut 2
Hidden Treasures
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 How To Play

Questions are posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday at about 10am CT. Answers are due by 7am of the day of the next question. Your name must be on your entry. Players may submit questions for us to use, but they must include two sources, one of which is an Internet source..
Civil War Trivia
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Agnes II Solitaire

Try this version of solitaire known as Agnes II by playing for free online. Note that the card deck is simpler without fancy artwork for the royal cards. A homemade deck of cards might have been this way. Agnes is an old name. Perhaps a Civil War soldier thought of his sweetheart back home as he played. This is a Flash game.
Civil War Solitaire
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Buku Dominoes

Domino sets during the Civil War were usually hand carved from bone or wood. In this online game, you can determine how many players you want and what score will end the game. You score by being the first one to have played all of your domino tiles. Tip: Once the board becomes full, click and drag to view other placement spots. This is a Flash game.
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With Civil WAR General 2, you have the chance to relive history--or rewrite it, choosing as you see fit to serve the Union or the Confederate armies. Step into a pair of very Famous  shoes (or combat boots) of the famous Robert E. Lee, or Grant, Sherman, or Jackson. Whichever side and personality you choose, one thing is for sure: thousands of lives depend on your next action. With its realistic battles, the game doesn't give players much time  to ponder anything. Set up headquarters and command a dozen different types of units. Choose from over 60 different weapons for your arsenal. 
Civil War General 2
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Volunteer Infantry Co. F
Third Michigan