Volunteer Infantry Co. F

People often ask " Why do we Reenact"?

The Third Michigan, Co F, strives to honor the brave men who fought and died in the Civil War. By doing reenactment battles, living history events, parades, monument ceremonies and school presentations.......helps us in honoring our fallen brothers.

Come and join us......help us preserve history. But more important, help us honor the men who fought to save our nation

Are you interested in joining?????

Stop by one of our meetings at the Grand Valley Armory on 44th St 
or stop by one of our scheduled events to talk to one of us or see us in action.

If you would like to speak to a recruiter, please feel free to contact anyone on the list below and they will be happy to help you and talk with you about our hobby.

Recruitment Area                   Recruitment Officer

W Ottawa / Recruitment Officer       Dan Penny (616) 403-2239

E Ottawa                                          Dave Baumann (616) 772-6108

Grand Rapids                                   Ryan VanMaldegan (616) 901-5921

Ionia / E Kent                                    Marty Walker (616) 693-0062

Kalamazoo / Calhoun                       Larry Bailey (616) 915-7984  

Not everyone starting out in reenacting has a thousand dollars to buy a new uniform and equipment. Sometimes buying used equipment can save you up to fifty percent or more off the original cost. When starting out, veteran members and our unit will loan new members uniforms and equipment at no cost,so you can get a real feel for the hobby before you make the investment. Within a years time it would be expected that you are starting to buy a uniform and equipment so we can continue to loan existing gear to newer members. 

First items that a new member should purchase are the parts of the basic uniform

  • Four Button Sack Coat 
  • Trousers 
  • Kepi or Bummer 
  • Shirt 
  • Wool Socks 

The next items that should be purchased are:
             The Leather Set  which includes:
             Waist belt, Cap Pouch, Cartridge Box (with tins and sling)
  •   Brass emblems
  • Canteen - tin or steel
  • Haversack 
  • Brogans 
  • Bayonet and Scabbard 
  • Rifled Musket  3 Band Enfield or Springfield

Please always buy directly from a sutler or someone you know so you can examine it and know it works properly and not "nicked up". Avoid purchasing over the internet or through the mail. That's the basics. Then you can start adding things like a blanket, poncho, shelter tent, cooking equipment, backpack, etc. as needed.

The Third Michigan recommends the following sutlers: (click banners to link)
Fall Creek Sutlery
Third Michigan
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Videos useful to reenactors to learn about  armies; army organization; infantry tactics; small arms; and soldier life