About Us

Our Mission:

Our general meeting meets at 7:00PM on the first Tuesday of every month. However, dates are subject to change so please check our calendar to confirm.

The general meeting is held in the "Freedom Room" of the NCO Club at the Grand Valley Armory on 44th Street, Wyoming, MI. 

During our meetings, we discuss membership news and concerns, and events-past and future.

After the general meeting, civilians and military will hold their own meetings allowing civilians to discuss civilian matters and military to drill and plan for upcoming events.
Our Meetings
We, the Third Michigan Volunteers Co. F, exist to educate the general public and perserve all aspects of Civil War life.

We also strive to make our events authentic yet enjoyable for reenactors and their families. Male and female reenactors shall be in equal partnership as members.

Each member shall have the opportunity to participate in any decision-making process that takes place. All members are encouraged to set-up educational or informational events for the members of the Third.
Volunteer Infantry Co. F
Third Michigan